September 10, 2018 - By: Steffen Rowe


Listen; there is a logic behind the creation of currency. There has always been an Asset Redemption Program utilized by every Government in the world. Simply put, you’d turn in the asset, the system would register the asset, and it would return an allocation of currency based on the value. 


In 2007, this system was closed because all of the world’s assets had been registered. The Comptroller of the Asset Redemption Program no longer had any need to give out currency because he had already acquired all of the mined and in-ground assets on the planet.


Therefore, any currency created after that time is not technically legal. One Governing body has always been the oversight for matters that effect international affairs. There is an Order of operations, a hierarchy of control that has dictated world affairs for thousands of years.

The concepts of currency manipulation, Cultural Guidance, and absolute authority has infiltrated every aspect of our society. There has been a group that considers themselves “elite” and therefore superior to the masses that has been used by the controllers to execute these practices for generations. They have perverted and manipulated our perception of everything from our history to our current views. They are no more than slaves to the same lies and manipulation they subjected us to.

This is the same reason we know public figures are guilty of crimes but somehow seem to evade punishment time and time again. It is Your voice that yields the power to create a new reality. The Earth can only be claimed by the people who remember they are Sovereign, to create the world they want to live in, and take action to make it so. 

The link below has been on the FBI website for some time. I believe the call to action for you to register, in our experience, is new. Regardless, it’s timely for us to take action that reflects our awareness of the fraud perpetuated against humanity. 

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