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As a civilization we’ve allowed the politicians, the media, the mega rich, and the corporations to suppress our creative spirit and divide us into segmented groups. So all we see are differences instead of our similarities.


We are all human, with an innate desire to live free in happiness and abundance but we are being robbed of this experience.

So it’s about time we rise up and take back our place in the universe as sovereign beings by recognizing issues that we all can agree on, and put our attention and intention on fixing those.

Ideas We Can All Agree On

Healthy Food

Our food supply is being ruined through industrial production and processing by stripping the farmland of minerals, GMOs, pesticides, and preservatives that have robbed food of its nutritional value.

Clean Water

Along with the poisoning of city water supplies with Fluoride, Chlorine, and heavy metals... there are 844 million people on earth that do not have access to safe drinking water yet there are existing technologies that can pull the water right out of the air to supply these areas.

Fresh Air

Toxic chemicals are being spewed into the atmosphere from a whole range of industries yet there are techniques using bacteria, algae, and others that are capable of capturing these toxins and turning them into energy yet aren't being used. Aside from using cleaner manufacturing processes.

Each Other

We are being programmed by the corrupt systems that control us to only see the artificially manufactured divisions and have chosen an illusionary side... but we are all HUMAN so need to recognize and celebrate what we have in common and unite around those qualities

The corrupt elite powers of the past are currently being removed from their positions of control and we are building a team to help take our civilization into the next stage of awareness, abundance, and freedom.


You simply have to wake up and make the decision to join us!

We are an extension of the people and our goal is to empower individuals and the collective, providing a voice on social issues, local and global development, technology applications, truth in media, ethical business practices, and in any other way that our members feel they need a stronger presence.

We are a unique professional organization that provides access to a network of people who have secured project funding, businesses that provide services required for the successful execution of those projects, and individuals that want to work with these project owners to assist their efforts to make the world a better place.

There is a role for anyone with the desire to help.

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