At the core of everything we do is our people.  We don't hire people looking to be humanitarians, we look for humanitarians looking to be themselves.  We the happiest members of any organization look for four things and we strive to ensure everyone who works with us has that.


  • Work life balance-There's no need to stay at the office just to punch a clock.  Get the job done and go home.  We don't want anyone missing a school play because they were watching the clock on the job.

  • Paid what your worth-We pay our people double to do the same job they would do at another company.  If we value you enough to work with you, we want to make sure you're well taken care of.  In general, when people are distracted by financial concerns they feel undervalued, and worried. We take that off the table so our people can be the best versions of themselves and we can stay focused on the mission.

  • Everyone has a voice-There's nothing worse professionally than when you can see a solution on a major problem but you have no way to bring it to life.  We value creative solutions at any level and if you have the best vision, we will support you to lead and develop your initiative regardless of the role you play at the time.  

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